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TweeSupport - Sales conditions

1. The delivery time stated by us is only approximate and can not be considered as binding, unless otherwise agreed. Exceeding the delivery does not breach and gives the purchaser shall never be entitled to compensation for damages, nor purchased or refuse payment thereof.

2. In respect of orders / instructions by telephone, mail or Internet are the pieces of our formatted as confirmation. Complaints within 14 days in writing only.

3. Only those orders are regarded as canceled, who canceled before delivery. Requests for permission should be made in writing. We reserve the right in case of force majeure the agreement wholly or partially cancel. After assignment, or approval of an example of a product made specifically for the buyer accept we have no cancellation.

4. If after acceptance of the order, the order by the purchaser fully or partially canceled for reasons beyond our sphere of risk, all expenses incurred and the amount of our profits and idle losses borne by our customer.

5. We are supposed entirely to our obligations with respect to the quantity of goods to be delivered have met, even when we get to 10% more or less than the ordered quantity delivered. Deviations in the over-or undersize are not further utilized.

6. Until full payment has been made, the goods supplied by us remain our property. All collection costs of funds, which is not in accordance with the agreed payment is received, shall be borne by the purchaser. In all cases where payments made later than 15 days after the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed by us for loss of interest of 5% per month calculated.

7. If goods are offered in a damaged condition, the damage should be noted on receipt and within 8 days by email to be notified. The assessment of advertisements rests solely with us.

8. For defects, both hidden and not hidden, we accept no liability.

9. Returns must be made free and only accepted after approval from us. Products for which the buyer specially made can not be returned.

10. Specifications of goods are entirely optional.

11. All prices are quoted ex warehouse, including packing but excluding VAT, unless otherwise agreed. Orders with a total value of € 100, - or more are delivered free of charge to a delivery address within the Netherlands.

12. Prices are based on cost, applicable at the time of offer. If this cost by a reasonably unforeseeable rises in raw (auxiliary) materials, components, transport, wages, insurance premiums, taxes, import duties, exchange rates, etc., since the date of the offer increases have undergone, we are entitled to this increase by calculating in prices, provided however that known future increases in the order confirmation must be included.

13. In the event of a price increase in accordance with paragraph 12, the customer authorized the order within 3 days after the date on which the buyer has become aware, to cancel by means of a registered letter, and be sufficient to reimburse the already performed, on the basis of the prices prevailing before the increase.

14. An agreed price is only binding for us under the express reservation that the agreed quantum object to which the price relates, in whole and in an order from us is ordered according to agreement and is administered and paid.


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